Leveraging AI in manufacturing quality efforts: what it takes

Now that artificial intelligence (AI) has reached broad commercial status in consumer and business applications, AI in manufacturing has also begun to take hold. This disruptive technology is likely to dramatically improve manufacturing operations over the next few years. Unfortunately, it is also likely that a “Driven by AI” sticker slapped on the side of… Read more »

Aligned Vision Partners with Bluco Corporation to Revolutionize Manufacturing with Integrated Laser Projection

Aligned Vision, a pioneer in laser projection, is pleased to announce its partnership with Bluco Corporation, a leading provider of modular workholding solutions. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in manufacturing technology, integrating Bluco’s renowned modular solutions with Aligned Vision’s cutting-edge laser projection. For over three decades, Bluco has been at the forefront of manufacturing… Read more »

The true value of artificial intelligence in manufacturing and inspections

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made surprisingly deep inroads into the manufacturing realm over the past half-dozen years. According to management consulting firm McKinsey, only 20 percent of manufacturers reported using AI in 2017, but today that number hovers between 50 and 60 percent. With the tight margins and stiff competition most manufacturers are currently facing,… Read more »