Automatically identify the offloading sequence for accelerated kitting operations.


When it comes to composites and other costly materials, the material processing includes complex nesting of ply patterns to minimize scrap material on the cutting table. Once the nested patterns are cut, however, how do operators efficiently remove them in the right sequence to create layup kits? Manual kitting is both time-consuming and error-prone as operators decipher the nesting maps to find the next pattern to remove from the table. Robotic kitting is available, but it is cost-effective only for high-volume operations. KITGUIDE automatically reads nesting data and uses laser projection like an automated version of a presenter’s laser pointer to direct operators to the next ply. KITGUIDE accelerates manual kitting, eliminates kitting errors, and avoids the expense of robotics.

KITGUIDE uses accurate laser pinpointing to identify the next piece to be offloaded from a cutting table during kitting procedures. Directly accessing the nesting program, KITGUIDE projects a laser pattern on the first piece to be offloaded, then projects a laser line from that first piece to the second, and so on.



  • Speeds sorting and eliminates kitting errors
    • Eliminates ply maps and label-based sorting
    • Supports simultaneous unloading from both sides of table
  • Simultaneously guides unloading for up to 4 kits
  • Generates barcode labels with optional wireless printers
  • Supports up to 4 mobile devices and 4 printers
  • Compatible with all nesting and cutter programs