Lowest Cost Laser System

Offering a unique set of features and functions, our LASERGUIDE system delivers the lowest total cost of ownership.


Add up the initial cost of all the controllers and projectors and seats of software you need for a total laser projection solution, plus all the maintenance and service fees you are charged each year, plus the cost of non-value added time, plus any cost of orphaned systems, plus a few other factors, and you’ve got total cost of ownership. The lifetime value of your system comes down to two questions: How much are you spending on the laser projection over the life of the system? And how much faster and more accurate are your floor operators and manufacturing processes because of it?


Achieves the lowest initial and ongoing costs:

  • We charge NO ANNUAL FEES for service or software licenses
  • Our MULTITASKING is so intuitive and convenient, your team will actually use it
  • Rugged and durable, LASERGUIDE keeps working even in the harshest environments, like welding operations in a shipyard
  • Our 2-year warranty is the longest in the industry
  • We offer a lifetime of FREE email and phone support
  • Our global service centers provide rapid turnaround for servicing and maintenance
  • Loaner projectors may be provided while yours are being serviced
  • We support customer in-house cal-cert and repair
  • We support EVERY projector still in service

Reduces your fabrication costs more than any other laser projection system

  • Our DYNAMIC REGISTRATION SUITE accelerates registration setup and realignment tasks
  • STEP-AWAY TIME is ELIMINATED, with our full-function touchscreen remotes keeping operators at the tool, adding value
  • ALIGN 4.0 software maximizes operator efficiency, giving them
    • Independent control of touchscreen remotes
    • A familiar, CAD-like user interface
  • Electronic work instructions accelerate layup and non-layup tasks, efficiently guiding your operators at the tool with all the information they need
  • Automatically populated electronic reports eliminate time-consuming and error-prone paper documentation