Additive Manufacturing


Meeting the In-Process Inspection Needs of Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing Processes

Large-scale additive manufacturing of polymer and composite components presents a unique set of challenges for in-process inspection efforts — challenges that LASERVISION is uniquely qualified to address.

In this emerging field, reduced cycle time is a critical objective to achieve the efficiencies needed for commercial production. An easy way to attain sizable reductions is to accelerate the nonvalue-added activities of inspection and corrective measures. LASERVISION delivers these capabilities.

Inspect While Production Continues

Mounted above the work-in-progress, LASERVISION provides a giant field of view (FOV) for inspections that do not interfere with production operations. On any visible surface within the FOV, LASERVISION captures images of superior quality compared to smart cameras. Rather than the data-intensive analysis required by metrology point clouds, these images come with photogrammetric transforms that directly relate captured features and attributes to the digital model.

Real-Time Capture and Analysis

LASERVISION’s rapid inspections of your AM work-in-progress are able to identify nearly any visible attribute, including cracks, discontinuities and other anomalies that metrology fails to identify. And when a nonconformance is detected, LASERVISION’s laser projector highlights its location with a laser pattern so that your operators quickly find where to perform corrective measures.

LASERVISION is a mature automatic inspection solution, and it is supported by today’s emerging technologies: artificial intelligence for rapid application development of your AM inspection needs, and Internet 4.0 connectivity for full integration into your digital manufacturing and enterprise systems.

Operates 3m or more away from production equipmentDoes not interfere with or disrupt production equipment

Value-added operations continue while inspections are performed
Captures detailed, calibrated high-resolution images in 3m x 3m envelopeEnables inspection of large 3D surfaces with complex contours

High-magnification camera provides required detail in each image (typically 20cm x 20cm)
Verifies attributes and flags nonconformances for immediate corrective actionEnables inspection of all attributes (not just a sampling)

Keeps nonconformances from advancing through production
Pinpoints anomalies with laser projectorDirects operators efficiently to the anomaly’s location
Feeds the as-built digital twinEnhances traceability with images and data for the life of the component

Provides data needed for deep learning and continuous process improvement
Provides operators with electronic work instructionsFacilitates the paperless factory

Helps ensure that processes are carried out as planned
Enables tablet- or phone-size remote controlEliminates step-away time to consult the work cell controller
Performs laser templatingAccelerates manual tasks


LASERVISION verifies (or flags nonconformances)

  • Discontinuities
  • Droop and drool
  • Cracks
  • Porosity
  • Absence of foreign object debris (FOD)