Following extensive evaluation, LASERGUIDE was first chosen in 2000 as the first laser projection system for chassis production, and continues to be the preferred system among several Formula 1 racing teams today.

LASERGUIDE‘s technical superiority and ability to deal with projection interferences are key features for this application, but equally important to our Formula 1 customers is our fast response to accommodate their short production cycles.

Paired with BUILDGUIDE, the system has also supported race teams with hands-on training and recertification for their layup operators.


  • 50% reduction in chassis production time
  • Fastest turnaround on engineering changes
  • Customized software to address obstructions
Formula 1


Following extensive onsite evaluation of laser systems running on our customer’s applications, LASERGUIDE was selected to provide references for welding and fixture location. An 85% improvement in part location efficiency has been documented by the customer.

LASERGUIDE was selected over the competition because multitasking and AutoAim allow a single projector to perform automatically in 8 setups with multiple operators. LASERGUIDE automatically indexes the projector’s field through 360 degrees without requiring any aiming activity by the operators.
Multiple remote controls allow multiple operators to proceed independently in each projection zone, providing detailed process information and laser patterns without flicker to each operator. The flexible LASERGUIDE data interface allows the customer to interface data directly to LASERGUIDE without running intermediate software applications after customer data export.



LASERGUIDE is now used to improve efficiency and guide production of high-end composite bicycles.

Multitasking allows a single system to run multiple jobs simultaneously. This feature of LASERGUIDE provides faster throughput and aerospace precision for the recreational market.

Trek bike