Leveraging AI in manufacturing quality efforts: what it takes

Now that artificial intelligence (AI) has reached broad commercial status in consumer and business applications, AI in manufacturing has also begun to take hold. This disruptive technology is likely to dramatically improve manufacturing operations over the next few years. Unfortunately, it is also likely that a “Driven by AI” sticker slapped on the side of… Read more »

From catastrophic failures to zero defect manufacturing

How machine vision and artificial intelligence saved an aerospace defense contractor Zero defect manufacturing is a relatively new quality paradigm, but more and more producers of large, complex products – most notably, aircraft and automobiles – are pursuing the goal of zero defects. After the quality escapes of early 2024, which resulted in several aircraft… Read more »

Why wind blade manufacturing needs automatic in-process inspection

Wind blade manufacturers continue to rely heavily on manual processes, but they are developing technologies to automate various aspects of the wind blade manufacturing process: material handling, ply layup, vacuum infusion, assembly and finishing operations. Their goal is to lower cycle time and production costs, which will help to reduce the levelized cost of energy… Read more »

Eliminating quality escapes from your shop floor

“Quality escape” was not a familiar term to the general public, or even to many stakeholders in the manufacturing world, until Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun used it to describe the cause of the Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 door plug assembly failure in January. A single improperly installed bolt slipped past inspection procedures by the supplier… Read more »

How to make multitasking laser projection work for you

When we ask tradeshow visitors who are not using Aligned Vision equipment about multitasking laser projection, the most common response we get is that their projectors have it, but they don’t use it. In theory, multitasking laser projection sounds like a valuable feature. After all, if you are able to apply one projector to multiple… Read more »

Much more than laser templating: What 3D laser projection will do for you

When 3D laser projection first entered the manufacturing realm, laser pioneer and Aligned Vision founder Scott Blake focused specifically on creating “templates of light” for structural aerospace components made from advanced composite materials. The boost to quality and reduction in cycle time were nothing short of revolutionary in this first industrial application of 3D laser… Read more »

The true value of artificial intelligence in manufacturing and inspections

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made surprisingly deep inroads into the manufacturing realm over the past half-dozen years. According to management consulting firm McKinsey, only 20 percent of manufacturers reported using AI in 2017, but today that number hovers between 50 and 60 percent. With the tight margins and stiff competition most manufacturers are currently facing,… Read more »

Raising weld quality and speed takes more than laser projection

When it comes to improving weld quality and accelerating welding operations, guidance from laser projection systems is a mature, proven technology. In fact, for more than 15 years LASERGUIDE laser projection has been used in harsh shipyard environments to provide efficient, reliable welding support for all Virginia-class submarines. To raise both quality and speed of… Read more »

How to implement automatic in-process inspection: A step-by-step guide

Automatic in-process inspection offers such immense advantages over manual inspection, one might wonder why it hasn’t already been implemented across the manufacturing world. But we get it. As with almost any new technology for the shop floor, any hesitancy probably stems from legitimate concerns about the implementation process. What does it take to develop an… Read more »

Learn How to Eliminate Errors in Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing at SAMPE 2024

Attending SAMPE 2024? Learn how you can apply AI-driven inspection to solve your complex composites fabrication challenges. Attend Scott Blake’s technical presentation at 3:00 on May 22: AI-Enabled Automatic Inspection in Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Let’s discuss how the ONLY large-field automatic inspection system for composites will provide a huge competitive edge for you!  Schedule… Read more »

Aligned Vision Partners with Bluco Corporation to Revolutionize Manufacturing with Integrated Laser Projection

Aligned Vision, a pioneer in laser projection, is pleased to announce its partnership with Bluco Corporation, a leading provider of modular workholding solutions. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in manufacturing technology, integrating Bluco’s renowned modular solutions with Aligned Vision’s cutting-edge laser projection. For over three decades, Bluco has been at the forefront of manufacturing… Read more »

In-process inspection of large components: Doing what metrology, profilometry and smart cameras can’t

In-process inspection technologies have advanced considerably over the past decade, with many manufacturers performing inspection with smart cameras, profilometry, automated metrology systems and more. Such advancements are impressive but limited when it comes to large works-in-progress (WIPs). Picking up where these technologies drop off, LASERVISION has been designed specifically for large WIPs, like the one… Read more »

Composite manufacturing: Closing the digital gap

As composite manufacturing has advanced over the years, it has experienced a striking imbalance in the maturity of digital technologies. Computers have performed design and engineering tasks for decades, while paper plybooks and travelers are still used in many shops to guide composites fabrication. Since our founding in 1988 (when we were called Assembly Guidance),… Read more »

How to get good data: Tips for 3D automatic inspection

As more and more automation is used to manufacture large components, relying on human beings and a set of rudimentary measuring tools to inspect works in progress (WIPs) seems more and more antiquated. More important, manual inspection on automated manufacturing floors now represents the bottleneck of bottlenecks for industries that are otherwise achieving new speed… Read more »

How to evaluate a laser projection system

When it’s time to purchase new laser projectors, the choice of which projectors to buy often simply comes down to cost. But that’s where the simple part ends! Though the projectors themselves may look pretty similar from vendor to vendor, their actual value is determined by the answers to three primary questions: When 3D laser… Read more »

Driving composites quality programs toward Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 for composites is attainable in 2023. If your reaction to this statement is skepticism, not only are you not alone; you are probably in the majority of composites industry professionals. This is especially true when it comes to in-process composites quality programs. After all, quality assurance on most fabrication floors still depends on… Read more »

How will companies accelerate quality manufacturing in 2023? An interview with Scott Blake

“Achieving the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for laser projection” is how Aligned Vision president Scott Blake summarizes what he and the Aligned Vision team heard from you throughout 2022. At trade shows, customer visits and other venues, we listened to what you had to share about your experience with laser projection, automatic inspection… Read more »

How to Expedite the Qualification Process for New Quality Monitoring Technology

Anyone who has traversed the qualification process for a new manufacturing technology knows just how lengthy and complex these processes can be. The uninitiated may be surprised to learn that implementing a new technology takes many more steps than they might have anticipated. In reality, qualifying a new manufacturing technology for application to your shop… Read more »

Three Great Ways to Benefit from Automatic Inspection Data

The benefits of automatic inspection extend well beyond the technology’s lights-out speed and greater accuracy compared to manual inspection. This is because of one obvious difference between the two: automatic inspection technologies like LASERVISION produce data, and lots of it. Manufacturers of large, complex components and subassemblies are quickly leveraging this “big data” to boost… Read more »

How to Eliminate Step-Away Time with Mobile Electronic Process Control

Mobile electronic process control has proven to be a highly valuable tool for manufacturers that employ manual processes in their production operations. Many such operations will continue to be performed most efficiently by human operators, because people have better visual and tactile senses and greater mobility than automated systems. Even as robots and cobots continue… Read more »

Are you ready to revolutionize your composites fabrication process? You’re in the right place.

Unlock the Power of AI in Manufacturing Quality In today’s competitive landscape, manufacturing engineers like you are constantly seeking ways to enhance quality, boost productivity, and maximize ROI. That’s where artificial intelligence steps in. Imagine a world where your shop operates seamlessly, where errors are caught before they become costly setbacks, and where every step… Read more »