Welding Operations

Raising Quality and Efficiency of Welding Operations with a Complete Quality Management Solution

Until now, welding operations have required a series of disconnected activities: fixture alignment and verification followed by weld execution, verification and documentation. Most of these activities are manual and often paper-driven, even in robotic welding shops. But that’s about to change! Today, Aligned Vision technologies leverage the power of digitalization to bring connected, paperless, model-driven efficiencies to your shop floor.

Model-Guided Setup and Execution

Proper alignment of fixtures and components and placement of welds no longer require the time-consuming efforts of highly skilled operators to interpret blueprints and manually identify physical locations in 3D space. LASERGUIDE or LASERVISION automatically reads the CAD model and accurately projects locations. Select a laser projector tailored to your needs from our complete portfolio, guiding tasks in confined spaces, in mobile applications, on giant structures, or anywhere in between.

Operators of any skill level immediately see where each task is to be performed. More than that, they are guided with electronic work instructions (EWI) on smart mobile devices, eliminating not only paper-based instructions but also hundreds of steps back and forth to a control computer.

Quality management for welding operations

Automatic Inspection and Real-Time Correction

Verifying fixture and component alignment as well as the location and quality of each weld is nearly instantaneous with LASERVISION, which eliminates tedious and error-prone manual verification and documentation. Highly accurate model-directed and machine vision-based inspections occur automatically whenever the electronic work instructions call for them. Any flaws or nonconformances are flagged by the system, and LASERVISION’s laser projector quickly guides operators to the suspect location for real-time correction. Electronic documentation is automatically populated with captured images, verification data and information on each corrective measure performed.

Operates 3m or more away from production equipmentDoes not interfere with or disrupt production equipment

Value-added operations continue while inspections are performed
Performs best-in-class laser projectionAccelerates accurate fixture and component alignment and ensures accurate weld placement
Provides operators with electronic work instructions (EWI)Facilitates the paperless factory

Helps ensure that processes are carried out as planned
Enables tablet- or phone-size remote controlEliminates step-away time to consult the work cell controller
Captures detailed, calibrated high-resolution images in 3m x 3m envelopeAutomates inspection of fixture/component alignment and weld placement/quality

High-magnification camera provides required detail in each image (typically 20cm x 20cm)
Verifies attributes and flags nonconformances for immediate corrective actionEnables inspection of all attributes (not just a sampling)

Keeps nonconformances from advancing through production
Pinpoints anomalies with laser projectorDirects operators efficiently to the anomaly’s location
Feeds the as-built digital twinEnhances traceability with images and data for the life of the assembly

Provides data needed for deep learning and continuous process improvement


  • Efficient, reliable welding support in a shipyard environment for all Virginia-class submarines built since 2007
  • Both robotic and manual welding
  • Mobile applications with MicroLASERGUIDE
  • Welding of large assemblies using Boeing-qualified long-throw projection up to 50 feet