Put your complete work instructions literally in the palm of your operators’ hands, enabling them to keep adding value.


BUILDGUIDE process control suite provides step-by-step guidance to your operators electronically via familiar mobile devices — smartphone or tablet. BUILDGUIDE empowers your engineers to easily construct a unified set of electronic work instructions, creating a digital thread from product design to manufacture, then back to enterprise systems with automatically populated electronic build reports. Your operators have immediate, independent access to all steps, detailed instructions on a CAD-like user interface, and automatic electronic buyoffs.



Ensures that parts are built as designed

  • Complete CAD-like graphic work instructions on each operator’s mobile device
  • Non-layup steps and electronic ply book pages included in instructions when used for composites fabrication
  • Debulk management on device ensures correct sequence, vacuum pressure and duration
  • Initiates automatic inspection with no operator intervention (LASERVISION)
  • Alerts operator to anomalies and nonconformances and requires action before proceeding to the next process step (LASERVISION)

Tracks all work steps and build progress electronically, including:

  • User logins, work orders, part selection and ply confirmation
  • Electronic buyoffs from each operator and inspector
  • Industry 4.0 link to enterprise systems, automatically populating the digital thread

Generates a complete electronic report of each build, including:

  • Process parameters (e.g. debulk vacuum and duration)
  • Layup sequence/timing
  • Buyoffs

Comes with industry-leading support from our team of experts

  • Intuitive user interface enables prompt operator training by our staff
  • Ongoing support for the life of your BUILDGUIDE technology
proven programs

F-35 (2015), GE (2015), Janicki (2017)

Aligned sm

Reimagined from the ground up for Industry 4.0 connectivity, our ALIGN 4.0 software supports BUILDGUIDE with an open platform and an easy user experience.