Integrating machine vision with proven 3D industrial laser projection, LASERVISION brings large-field automatic inspection to the factory floor.


LASERVISION provides real-time, in-process automatic inspection and real-time feedback to the shop floor. From a stationary mount, it captures detailed images of superior quality anywhere on large, complex 3D surfaces within its giant field of view (at least 10 ft by 10 ft). AI-enabled image analysis verifies and documents nearly any visible attribute, or flags it for corrective action. LASERVISION’s laser projector works like an automated version of a presenter’s pointer, directing operators to the location of any anomaly.



  • Minimizes idle time—automatically performs an inspection when the electronic work instructions call for it
  • Eliminates inspector wait time—conducts inspections in seconds with no operator or inspector intervention
  • Optimizes inspection quality—uses machine vision, eliminating human distraction, fatigue and expectation bias
  • Performs while production continues—stationary mount above work cell does not interfere with production equipment
  • Markedly reduces rework and scrap—verifies attributes in real time and flags FOD, misaligned features (reinforcing fiber, adhesive beads), out-of-spec edge locations, excessive shear and other flaws for immediate correction
  • Automatically populates electronic documentation and generates the as-built Digital Twin, including
    • Calibrated images of every WIP surface
    • Any nonconformances
    • Any corrective actions
  • Feeds Deep Learning and closed-loop manufacturing improvements
    • Quantifies uncertainty
    • Enables tighter allowables and less overdesign
  • Supports your team with industry-leading expertise
    • AI-enabled application development
    • Ongoing support for the life of your LASERVISION system from our team of experts — many with decades of industry know-how.

Reimagined from the ground up for Industry 4.0 connectivity, our ALIGN 4.0 software maximizes the productivity and throughput of your LASERVISION system.

Fully supports our SDK software development kit:

  • Integration with Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Automated Tape Laying (ATL) and other advanced fabrication systems
  • Automatic maintenance of common coordinate system
  • Complete SDK: API, DLL, manual, sample code
  • Instant display of any tow, course, boundary, lap or gap
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