Integrating machine vision with proven industrial laser projection, LASERVISION brings automatic inspection to composites fabrication.



  • Minimizes idle time—automatically performs an inspection when the electronic recipe calls for it
  • Eliminates inspector wait time—conducts inspections in seconds with no operator intervention
  • Optimizes inspection quality—uses machine vision, eliminating human distraction, fatigue and verification bias

  • Markedly reduces rework and scrapping—verifies attributes in real time and flags FOD, misaligned plies, excessive shear or other flaws for immediate correction
  • Automatically populates electronic documentation and generates the as-built Digital Twin, including
    • Calibrated images of every ply surface
    • Any non-conformances
    • Any corrective actions
  • Feeds Deep Learning and closed-loop fabrication improvements
    • Quantifies uncertainty
    • Enables tighter allowables and less overdesign
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Boeing 777-X (2017), Sikorsky Blackhawk (2019)


Only one control computer is needed to run up to 8 jobs simultaneously. Supporting both LASERGUIDE and LASERVISION systems, this multitasking capability minimizes equipment and maintenance costs as well as cleanroom footprint, and makes file management easy.


  • Native STEP file converter
  • 3 levels of operator privileges
  • Event logging for statistical analysis
  • Foreign language interface
  • Metrology converter
  • PLC interface
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F-22 (1995), C-17 (1998)



Aligned Vision systems are ready for digitalization and automation of the shop floor. Our SDK is proven on production floors to enable integration with Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Automated Tape Laying (ATL) and other advanced fabrication systems.


  • Automatic maintenance of common coordinate system
  • Complete SDK: API, DLL, manual, sample code
  • Instant display of any tow, course, boundary, lap or gap
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787 (2012), 777-X (2017)
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