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It’s no wonder the automotive industry is on the cutting edge of digitalization

After all, the combination of intensifying global competition, accelerated environmental regulation, and relentless consumer demand for innovation creates immense pressures for manufacturers to seek out and implement the latest advances in manufacturing technology.

Low Risk, High Reward

Leading this charge toward Industry 4.0 involves risks if you invest in new but untested technologies. But Aligned Vision’s LASERVISION Automotive program offers minimal risk and high rewards for your automotive manufacturing quality and productivity. LASERVISION is a mature automatic inspection technology, and artificial intelligence opens the door to rapid automotive application development.

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LASERVISION’s unique capabilities and approach to automatic inspection fill a strategic gap between the automotive industry’s currently available technologies and your quality objectives. Key to the value that LASERVISION offers automotive manufacturers are its giant field of view (FOV), exclusive optical engineering, and laser projector.

Instead of relying on an array of smart cameras or a camera mounted on a robot, LASERVISION sits 3m or more away from the WIP and production equipment. Its combination of a high-mag 150mm lens, high dynamic-range image sensor and auto focus easily captures detailed images of any visible 3D surface within its 3m x 3m FOV — images of superior quality and exceptional depth of field.

LASERVISION’s versatile image analysis capabilities enable you to inspect nearly any visible attribute of your automotive component. And if any anomaly is found, the system’s laser projector works like an automated version of a presenter’s laser pointer, expediting corrective actions.

Operates 3m or more away from production equipmentDoes not interfere with or disrupt production equipment

Value-added operations continue while inspections are performed
Captures detailed, calibrated high-resolution images in 3m x 3m envelopeEnables inspection of large 3D surfaces with complex contours

High-magnification camera provides required detail in each image (typically 20cm x 20cm)
Verifies attributes and flags non-conformances for immediate corrective actionEnables inspection of all attributes (not just a sampling)

Keeps non-conformances from advancing through production
Pinpoints anomalies with laser projectorDirects operators efficiently to the anomaly’s location
Feeds the as-built digital twinEnhances traceability with images and data for the life of the component

Provides data needed for deep learning and continuous process improvement
Provides operators with electronic work instructionsFacilitates the paperless factory

Helps ensure that processes are carried out as planned
Enables tablet- or phone-size remote controlEliminates step-away time to consult the work cell controller
Performs laser templatingAccelerates additive processes and manual tasks

Formula 1 and aerospace proving grounds

Aligned Vision technologies, including LASERVISION, represent the culmination of more than three decades of

  • Collaboration with leading manufacturers in highly demanding industries
  • Investigation to ferret out each opportunity for process improvement
  • Innovation to make the most of each opportunity and maximize the payoff for our customers

Our technologies have proven their mettle in many challenging manufacturing operations:

  • Formula 1 chassis
  • Electric vehicle battery enclosures
  • Flight-critical aircraft components
  • Megawatt wind turbine blades


  • LASERVISION verifies (or flags non-conformances)
  • Absence of surface scratches
  • Absence of foreign object debris (FOD)
  • Etched or molded component ID codes
  • Presence and position of holes, clips, bolts, etc.
  • Position and alignment of adhesive beads and stitching