Reimagined from the ground up for Industry 4.0 connectivity, ALIGN 4.0 control software maximizes the productivity and throughput of all Aligned Vision systems.


ALIGN 4.0 is a control software system that helps accelerate operator value-added tasks and enables Industry 4.0 connectivity. ALIGN 4.0 controls the registration and functionality of LASERGUIDE, LASERVISION, and our industry-exclusive full-function remote control devices. The CAD-like action of the ALIGN 4.0 user interface provides operators with immediate access to information they need to perform their jobs.


Saves time on every job with our dynamic registration suite:

  • AutoAlign establishes and maintains automatic alignment
  • SystemAlign automatically registers projectors when first is registered
  • Quick Check verifies alignment even when the line of sight to some targets is blocked
  • VariView sets up and saves multiple tool positions for seamless transitions
  • Show Last saves and projects previous target locations, speeding tool placement and registration

Enhances the operator experience, accelerating value-added tasks:

  •  Intuitive user interface (UI) includes 3D CAD images and 3D ply view window
  • Controller and smart mobile devices provide full, independent control of each job
  • Touchscreen remote controls maximize operator efficiency at the tool
  • SmartView control of display screen matches operator’s view of the tool
  • UI displays non-projected manufacturing operations, such as vacuum debulks

Multitasks for more functionality on less equipment:

  • Intuitive UI enables independent control of multiple jobs from one computer
  • A single seat of software controls what would require multiple seats and setups of other vendors’ software
  • Minimized equipment reduces cleanroom footprint and maintenance costs

Supports Industry 4.0 functions and connectivity:

  • LASERVISION automatic inspection functions are fully supported
  • Connectivity is supported by master csv, multiple file formats, and integration both upstream and downstream of projection/inspection operations
  • Plug-and-play PLC interface connects to automation systems
  • Legacy functions accelerate operator efficiency:
    • Native STEP file converter
    • 3 levels of operator privileges
    • Event logging for statistical analysis
    • Foreign language interface
    • Metrology converter
proven programs
F-22 (1995), C-17 (1998)