Aligned Vision Launches LASERVISION Automotive

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To fill a strategic gap between the automotive industry’s currently available inspection technologies and its quality objectives, Aligned Vision has introduced LASERVISION Automotive – a program that leverages LASERVISION’s AI-based capability for rapid implementation of automotive applications.

“Key to LASERVISION’s suitability for automotive applications is its versatile image analysis capabilities,” explains Kas Tatarunas, business development manager in Aligned Vision’s Detroit office. “The system is able to inspect virtually any visible product attribute, from the absence of surface scratches and foreign objects and debris (FOD), to orientation of stitching, to locations of holes and clips.” Tatarunas joined the Aligned Vision team to head up LASERVISION Automotive after many years working with machine vision systems in automotive manufacturing operations.

LASERVISION is Aligned Vision’s exclusive in-process automatic inspection system. It is the only such system to offer detailed inspection throughout a large (9m2) work envelope, as well as automatic, CAD-directed image capture. Image analysis is performed using algorithms created through Machine Learning, and inspection results are available in real time to enable immediate corrective actions of any nonconformances. The in-process data and images generated by LASERVISION create a wealth of smart data for Deep Learning manufacturing intelligence systems to use in closed-loop continuous improvement efforts.

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Key features of LASERVISION that Tatarunas anticipates will help fill the needs of automotive quality efforts include the following:

  • LASERVISION operates several meters away from production equipment, which means it performs inspections without disrupting or interfering with manufacturing operations.
  • Unlike fixed smart cameras, LASERVISION’s high-magnification, high-resolution camera possesses instantaneous pan-tilt aiming capabilities to capture high-resolution inspection images throughout large work envelopes.
  • The system’s laser projector locates the correct position of holes, clips, and other component features and attributes, and also pinpoints the location of nonconformances to aid floor personnel in initiating corrective actions.
  • LASERVISION operates as a standalone system that imports design and engineering data and exports inspection data; or as an integrated system (via Aligned Vision’s software development kit) within a manufacturer’s quality management solution (QMS).
  • Standalone LASERVISION features electronic work instructions displayed on smart remote controls (tablets and phone-sized touchscreen devices), eliminating paperwork instructions as well as the step-away time required to consult documents or the control computer.
  • As-built data and images captured by LASERVISION feed manufacturing intelligence systems, enabling Deep Learning and continuous process improvement.

“To stay competitive, automotive tier suppliers must continually implement new strategies to lower costs and increase throughput – without sacrificing quality,” Tatarunas notes. “LASERVISION represents an opportunity to meet these objectives in ways not possible with other inspection technologies.”

Through our LASERVISION Automotive program, Aligned Vision is actively seeking automotive manufacturing partners interested in gaining the competitive advantage that LASERVISION offers. Conditions permitting, Aligned Vision will bring LASERVISION to your facility and demonstrate its capabilities with your data and equipment; or work in our lab with samples of your work-in-progress, with and without flaws. To follow up on LASERVISON Automotive, please contact Tatarunas at