Seeking: Your Detection Challenges

You have heard us say, “Machine vision sees what humans miss.” Now we want a chance to prove it! Send us your toughest detection challenge – any surface feature or anomaly – and let’s collaborate to solve that issue.

Four Attributes

Aligned Vision’s LASERVISION automatic inspection and laser projection system has already demonstrated that it can detect attributes difficult for human inspectors to see. “Our versatile image analysis capabilities detect black-on-black carbon prepreg edge locations, bridging of prepreg over concave surfaces, shear, and much more,” reports Chris Page, senior sales engineer. “And we continue to add detection capabilities with new features, such as applied color.”

As we interact with customers across the composites industry and across the globe, the Aligned Vision team hears about newly identified root causes of production nonconformances. Such nonconformances may create immediate component performance issues, or they may not be uncovered until years later when the nonconformance leads to a component failure in the field – sometimes with dire consequences. This makes it critical for composites fabricators to be able to detect future occurrences of the identified root cause during component production, so that it can be corrected before a flaw makes its way into the finished component.

“This is where machine vision truly shines,” Page says. “Any production issue that creates a surface anomaly is likely to be detected by machine vision, even when human vision cannot see the issue.”  “As Aligned Vision continues to tap machine vision capabilities and apply them to new product and process attributes,” Page continues, “we welcome the opportunity to address your biggest inspection challenges.”

To discuss your inspection needs and LASERVISION’s capabilities, or to schedule a personalized web demo, contact the Aligned Vision team here.