Whether you are making the transition from manual inspection or looking for an automatic inspection system more effective than profilometers, smart cameras or metrology, consider partnering with Aligned Vision to solve your inspection challenges with LASERVISION.

LASERVISION offers a unique set of features to solve your toughest inspection challenges:

Detect difficult-to-see attributes on large works-in-progress
LASERVISION’s combination of a high-magnification 150mm lens, high dynamic-range image sensor and transform-driven AutoFocus are proven to detect black-on-black carbon prepreg FOD as small as 1/8-inch across. And the system’s giant field of view and rapid CAD-directed aiming enable detailed image capture anywhere in a 9 square-meter (100 square-foot) surface – even one with complex curvatures.

Develop image analysis fast with AI
LASERVISION’s portfolio of inspected attributes begins with built-in algorithms (absence of FOD, material position, fiber orientation and more), then easily expands through artificial intelligence/deep learning (AI/DL). Partner with us to add inspection capabilities or do it yourself with any PC-based vision software suite.

Perform automatic inspection while production continues
LASERVISION operates from a stationary position with a large 3-meter standoff distance. No need to accommodate an inspection robot moving around the production floor.

Perform immediate corrective measures
Any detected FOD or other anomalies are immediately highlighted by LASERVISION’s CAD-directed laser projector, making it easy for your operators to quickly find and correct fabrication errors.

Create the as-built digital twin
LASERVISION collects every digital image and all inspection analysis data associated with each built component. This wealth of information provides detailed documentation and also data analytics and continuous process improvement.

Let’s discuss how a partnership with us will raise your fabrication quality, lower your cycle times and provide an innovative competitive edge with LASERVISION.