Just-in-Time Automatic Inspection

Laservision and Layup

Automation developed by Aligned Vision (formerly Assembly Guidance) has removed one of the biggest remaining bottlenecks in composites fabrication: the setup and wait for manual inspection tasks to be completed. Automatic inspection will be featured in live demonstrations at Aligned Vision’s CAMX booth E9, the company has announced.

LASERVISION, which combines Aligned Vision’s best-in-class laser templating with automatic inspection technology, continues to advance with new inspection functionality. The new capabilities add to LASERVISION’s key functions of detecting material position, fiber orientation and FOD. “We have collaborated with numerous LASERVISION customers, who have identified new application areas for our technology,” explains Matt Zmijewski, Aligned Vision COO. “Our system is designed to easily accommodate these new detection capabilities through straightforward software development. For example, Aligned Vision has now broadened LASERVISION’s FOD detection capabilities to include peel ply FOD in bonding applications.

In a CAMX technical paper and presentation, Aligned Vision president Scott Blake will review the breadth of LASERVISION’s automatic inspection capabilities. He will then discuss the potential for automatic inspection to serve as a data hub as fabricators advance into smart factory technology.

Aligned Vision is the pioneer of complete fabrication management solutions for composites. Beginning in 1988 with its breakthrough LASERGUIDE laser projection system, Aligned Vision has engineered technologies that extend automation throughout the fabrication cycle, from kitting to inspection and documentation. Along with LASERGUIDE and LASERVISION, the company’s BUILDGUIDE process control system replaces paper travelers and work instructions with Android remotes, which provide step-by-step guidance for both layup and non-layup tasks. Aligned Vision solutions are benefiting aerospace, automotive, marine, wind energy and sporting goods customers.