From the very beginning, Aligned Vision has been uncovering hidden costs in composites fabrication, then minimizing or eliminating these costs with innovative solutions. The results? We’ve produced every major “first” in our industry, and each one has enabled fabricators to simultaneously increase quality and accelerate production rates.

Our pioneering work has eliminated whole warehouses, cut hours of manual processes, and enabled low-skill operators to complete work that previously required skilled artisans. Rate, weight and quality drive our industry, and our solutions address all three. Our innovations have dramatically increased throughput, drastically reduced the cost of production and rework, and enhanced quality and traceability.

Our innovative vision for the future of composite fabrication ultimately has the potential to extend automated guidance to any industrial work cell. We provide fabricators with a clear vision across the product lifecycle, enabling them to see and then erase any production turbulence or bottlenecks.



Employing our consultant’s view of fabricator operations, we help align the needs of all stakeholders – operators, shop floor managers, engineers, executives – and then address those needs with comprehensive solutions.

The results? Engineers gain confidence that components coming off the floor are built rigorously in accordance with their designs and specifications. Shop floor managers gain new ways to streamline fabrication. Operators gain clear and easy-to-use guidance for each task of each build. Executives gain fully satisfied customers, repeat business, and a healthier P&L statement.

Lower costs. Higher throughput. Traceable, exacting quality.

Aligned Vision’s solutions. Aligned with fabricator needs from the board room to the shop floor and back again.