Aligned Vision offers the ONLY fabrication management solution for composites. Key systems that comprise this solution are LASERGUIDE industrial laser projection; LASERVISION with automated inspection; and BUILDGUIDE process control. Each of our technologies helps lower costs, raise throughput, and produce traceable, exacting quality.

With all our technologies, Aligned Vision’s objective remains the same: We want our customers to maximize the time that their shops are performing value-adding operations (laying up material, debulking, drilling, and so on), and to minimize the time required for non-value-adding tasks (like inspection and rework).

Of course, we recognize that manual tasks will continue to be an important part of composite fabrication. After all, people are flexible and can move freely throughout large areas, and they have good visual and tactile sense. So our technologies empower people to make the most of their time. And our technologies enable shops to minimize the time that fabrication equipment sits idle.


Our Fabrication Management Solution creates seamless processing from design to build to documentation.

  1. The system automatically imports a design file and generate a laser projection program.
  2. An engineer uses drop-down menus to insert non-layup commands into a single, electronic set of work instructions.
  3. Operators advance work instructions via remote control at the tool.
  4. The system ensures that debulks and other non-layup tasks occur as scheduled and as specified.
  5. Inspections are automatically completed with one touch of the remote.
  6. The system automatically populates build reports and generates comprehensive documentation – an as-built digital twin – for full traceability.


Enabling fabricators to swiftly and accurately align composite plies onto layup tools – this is how our company first helped cut costs while raising accuracy and throughput of composite manufacturing.


As early as 2002, Aligned Vision began incorporating machine vision technology into our solutions. Prompted by customer needs, we invented Automatic Ply Verification (APV) with our high-accuracy manually positioned inspector (HAMPI) unit. Significant in its own right, APV prompted more R&D, culminating in the fully automated inspection capability of LASERVISION. This exclusive advancement empowers composite fabricators to transform their inspection processes, minimizing inspection time while greatly enhancing the traceability they offer their customers.


It makes sense: A system powerful enough to laser-project precise, step-by-step guidance for composites layup operations is certainly powerful enough to guide and control work processes that do not involve lasers. Like debulks. Or like the full work-instruction set for straightforward layups that do not require laser guidance.

Assembly Guidance has put this sensible thinking into our BUILDGUIDE Process Control Suite, which can be utilized with any LASERGUIDE or LASERVISION system.