Portable Automatic Inspection of Composites 

Aligned Vision LASERVISION on a stand

Aligned Vision is partnering with American GFM (AGFM), NIAR and Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology to develop a Portable Scarfing and Composite Repair System (PS/CRS). PS/CRS will combine inspection, scarfing and repair into one system integrated and driven by digital twin technology. The portability of this system will allow for on-site repair of damaged composite aircraft components or other large structures that cannot be transported to a repair facility.

The PS/CRS will use Aligned Vision’s LASERVISION inspection technology to provide automatic inspection, verification and documentation of fiber orientation, foreign object debris (FOD) and material location as well as laser-projected layup guidance for composite repair. LASERVISION will integrate with NIAR’s digital thread software and can be run as a standalone system or integrated via PLC interface with the repair cell computer.

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