Electroimpact Integrates LASERVISION for 777 Wings

The Seattle Times reported …“neat new technology we’ve been able to build in designing all this new hardware” is an integrated self-inspection system. The machine takes measurements as the carbon-fiber strips are laid down and will alert the operators if a strip is missing or misaligned in any section. Then lasers overhead will shine a… Read more »

Improving Composites Processing with Automated Inspection

By Sara Black, CompositesWorld Magazine It’s no secret to anyone involved in aerospace composites that production rates in commercial aircraft assembly lines anchored by advanced layup processes — automated fiber placement (AFP) and automated tape laying (ATL) — have been constrained by the necessity of careful visual inspection and verification after each ply placement. Often,… Read more »

Just-in-Time Automatic Inspection

Automation developed by Aligned Vision (formerly Assembly Guidance) has removed one of the biggest remaining bottlenecks in composites fabrication: the setup and wait for manual inspection tasks to be completed. Automatic inspection will be featured in live demonstrations at Aligned Vision’s CAMX booth E9, the company has announced. LASERVISION, which combines Aligned Vision’s best-in-class laser… Read more »

Machine Vision | Rapid Error Detection

  By Peggy Malnati, CompositesWorld Magazine Contributing Writer Aerospace-aimed ply placement technology evolves into process management and near-real-time inspection system for production laminated composite parts. An aerospace technology that combines a camera, a laser projection system, and special software provides inline inspection and error detection in the layup of laminate composite parts. Offered by Aligned Vision (formerly… Read more »


Chelmsford, Mass., March 1, 2017 – To reflect its many recent innovations and its expanded vision for composite fabrication management, Assembly Guidance Systems, Inc. has adopted a new company name: Aligned Vision. “Throughout the nearly 30 years since we launched the first industrial 3D laser projection system, our responsive efforts have brought about transformative solutions… Read more »