Automotive and Aerospace eMobility Manufacturing Roundtable on April 28

Free April 28 Roundtable to Discuss Automotive and Aerospace eMobility Manufacturing

Special manufacturing challenges – but also unique advantages – are encountered by manufacturers that make electric-powered street or air mobility vehicles. A free roundtable that includes Aligned Vision president Scott Blake as an expert panelist will discuss eMobility and the manufacturing technologies that accelerate quality production of vehicles, components or subassemblies.

LASERVISION Automotive Automatic Inspection

eMobility Roundtable Event Details

How to make electric vehicles:
From processing more aluminum to automating production, what’s in store for manufacturing

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
12 noon – 1 p.m. ET


Aligned Vision’s LASERVISION automatic inspection and laser projection system is poised to play a critical role in eMobility manufacturing. Of particular interest in this manufacturing space is LASERVISION’s:

  • Large standoff distance, which enables the system to conduct inspections without adding to the dense population of robots and other automated equipment on the shop floor
  • Giant field of view, which captures detailed images of inspected features found anywhere within a 9m2 or larger field
  • Integration readiness, which allows manufacturers to incorporate LASERVISION seamlessly in their ERP, MES or QMS system

On the panel, Blake will be contributing to discussion topics such as:

  • Automatic inspection on the eMobility production line
  • Manufacturing challenges of composites and other lightweight materials
  • Accelerated production through integration with MES/QMS/ERP
  • Advantages of real-time laser feedback in eMobility production
  • Brownfield versus greenfield engineering challenges

Aligned Vision’s digital tools have been designed to offer out-of-the-box critical benefits and to serve as building blocks for the fully integrated digital factory and Industry 4.0 vision.