New Align 4.0 Software Brings Industry 4.0 Capabilities to Laser Projection & Automatic Inspection

Align 4

Aligned Vision’s new control system software offers CAD-like interface and greater connectivity on familiar smart mobile devices.

CHELMSFORD, MA – October 18, 2021 – Aligned Vision announces the launch of our new control software, Align 4.0, an open-platform system that helps accelerate operator value-added tasks and enables Industry 4.0 connectivity for laser projection and automatic inspection processes. Key to Align 4.0’s advanced capabilities is its CAD-like user interface, a first for composites manufacturing and the only graphical interface available for use on smart mobile devices – making it the only data-delivery and data-collection system for composite layup operators to use at the tool.

“Align 4.0’s intuitive user interface enhances our full-featured mobile application for laser projectors – the only one in the industry,” says Matt Zmijewski, Aligned Vision COO. “By providing operators with a familiar user experience similar to their smartphones or tablets, our
remote user interface makes it easier for them to be more efficient and accurate.”

The CAD-like action of the Align 4.0 user interface provides operators with immediate access to information they need to perform their jobs. New and enhanced features of Align 4.0 include:

• 3D CAD images
• 3D ply viewer window
• Smartview control of display screen to match operator’s view of the tool
• SystemAlign registration, which automatically registers all projectors when the first is registered
• Display of non-projected manufacturing operations, such as vacuum debulks
• Improved Industry 4.0 connectivity, including support of master csv, multiple file formats, and integration both upstream and downstream of projection/inspection operations
• Plug-and-play PLC interface

With the introduction of Align 4.0, the software development team at Aligned Vision is also implementing regular releases of version updates. Their intent is to make Align 4.0 an evolving product designed to meet future requirements.

“Our new software is easier to use and maintain, and it shifts cycle time toward value-added asks,” Zmijewski summarizes. “Our customers have come to rely on us to offer much more than basic laser projection. Align 4.0 represents the most recent example of our commitment to
accelerating quality manufacturing.”

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